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Shame from outside sources, not from abortion

May 19, 2010

Tweet by M (California) I got pregnant in my 20s, and was absolutely not ready to have children. My family is very religious, so I only told my sister when I decided to have an abortion. She agreed to keep my secret, but tried to guilt me into keeping the pregnancy. She succeeded in making […]

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What it was like before Roe v. Wade…

May 18, 2010

Tweet by Doctor Linda I got pregnant my first year in college, when I was 18, in Wisconsin, in 1970. Abortion was only legal there to save a woman’s life. Needless to say, I was petrified and had no idea where to turn. I looked in the student newspaper where there was an ad for […]

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Abortion Analogy

May 12, 2010

Tweet by Heather A., on this site. Having an abortion is not comparable to killing one’s neighbour. It is better compared to weeding one’s garden. Some people view them as beautiful plants, others view them as unnecessary weeds. It’s a matter of opinion. There is no moral debate as to whether killing said plants is […]

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