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Felt comfortable and safe at Planned Parenthood

June 27, 2010

Tweet by Amber (California) Even before I was married, I always knew that if my birth control failed I would get an abortion. Before getting married, my beau and I had all the important talks, including the children talk. We don’t plan on having children and in no way want any right now. So, when […]

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A single mishap was NOT going to ruin my life

June 23, 2010

Tweet by A (Ohio) Mine was the best decision I have made in years! I have always been careful with my birth control but I just so happened to get food poisoning which brought up my pills along with everything else that was in my system. The day before and the day before that I […]

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I cannot imagine NOT having this choice

June 21, 2010

Tweet by yellow bird (US) Hello everyone! Firstly, let me express my gratitude to have found this amazingly positive site on the subject of abortion! Wow. 🙂 Anyway, what follows is my story. I think that many will find this story to be somewhat similiar to what they have experienced. That is what is truly […]

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Felt Renewed

June 20, 2010

Tweet by Fyre (Georgia) I found myself spending a lot of time with a guy friend of mine. I had just broken up with my longtime boyfriend and I was lonely, mostly, and I craved the intimacy I was suddenly without. One night, my friend and I were hanging in his dorm room, and we […]

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When I’m good and ready, and not by accident

June 18, 2010

Tweet by ADayInThePark Here’s my story… I hope it helps I’m 21 and going to graduate in May from a great university. I found out I was pregnant about 4 weeks ago, and chose to have an abortion 2 weeks ago. I was 6 weeks along. So I went to the clinic, saw the sonagram […]

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