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Need advice

July 26, 2012

Tweet My sister is pregnant. I think she wants to keep it. She is always having sex without condoms with several men and is always telling me that she thinks she’s pregnant. Now all of a sudden she is and she doesn’t know if its her current boyfriend’s or one of three other guys she’s […]

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The Decision Was Clear

July 25, 2012

Tweet by Deborah (UK) I’m not mad about all the soul-baring on the internet, but I do think it’s very important that we share our stories about how invaluable access to abortion has been in the course of our lives. Control over when and if we become mothers is vitally important and is very much […]

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This decision empowered me in so many ways

July 19, 2012

Tweet by April (Ontario) I grew up in a very open and excepting family when it comes to getting pregnant. I always knew though that abortion would not be accepted so I chose not to share it with my parents. I did tell my younger sister who was extremely supportive and took very good care […]

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Saved from an abusive relationship

July 16, 2012

Tweet by Judy (Europe) I was in an abusive relationships with a psychopath for nearly two years. I broke up with him after two weeks and told him he wasn’t the kind of man I was looking for. I had my own apartment, small business, savings, and car; he was 35 living with his mother […]

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Best Decision I Have Ever Made

July 15, 2012

Tweet by Maria (New Jersey) Growing up, I never had any desire to have children. As I got older, my stance had solidified. The group of girls I was friends with in middle school once joked about who would thought would end up pregnant in high school. I was not the one they guessed. It […]

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