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Did Not Want to Force Marriage

August 24, 2012

Tweet by Lara (Missouri) In 1978, I was nineteen and became pregnant. My boyfriend was 21, but in a lot of ways he was no more mature than I was. He had big plans for travel and work after graduating college, and I did not want to wreck his dreams. At that time we felt […]

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Did Not Feel Like the Women In Conservative Commercials

August 18, 2012

Tweet by Candy (Michigan) Well, I am a young college girl, 18, who has run into a snag. My (then) boyfriend decided that sex did not feel as good with a condom as without one. So he took it off…mid-sex and continued. I noticed and made him stop. We fought and he left. This was […]

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Choice is Extremely Important to My Family

August 13, 2012

Tweet By Juniper (Texas) I was 23 years old, college student dating a recent college graduate and I became pregnant. We were not in the position to assume this responsibility (I was on the pill) and decided to proceed with abortion. I remember the day, still keep the medical papers. My husband knows the choice […]

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The saga that led up to the abortion was a lot worse than the procedure itself

August 12, 2012

Tweet by Rosalee (United Kingdom) I went for my surgical abortion yesterday, 9 1/2 weeks along, first one I’ve had. I’m 24 and it was totally the right decision. I’m on a low income, halfway through my degree, battling with chronic depression and PTSD, living with my dad (who is ill), and the father (of […]

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Made the right decision for MYSELF and I’m not looking back

August 9, 2012

Tweet by Rachel (Tennessee) I was in the second semester of my freshman year of college when I got pregnant. My boyfriend of 2 years and I didn’t use protection on Valentine’s day (the only time we had not used protection) and after getting a positive pregnancy test a couple of weeks later, I freaked […]

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