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The following days brought us closer

September 25, 2012

Tweet by River (New Mexico) Let me just say that I was the woman least likely to be found in a Planned Parenthood for the first 25 years of my life! I had a fundamentalist upbringing that definitely forbade premarital sex, and even when I gave that religion up (much to my benefit and happiness), […]

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Decision Free of Patriarchal Influence

September 10, 2012

Tweet By Debbie (California) My abortion was easy and was paid by the state, and I went on to have a great life and 3 kids. I was 28, in a new-but-serious relationship (that is still intact 33 years later). I was having short luteal phases (ovulation to next period) which made me a bit […]

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No Guild or Sadness

September 5, 2012

Tweet by Happy Girl (Texas) I am 19 and knew immediately that I wanted an abortion when I found out I was pregnant. The pregnancy (even only being 7 weeks long) was living hell for me. I was nauseous and throwing up morning noon and night. I had trouble holding food and water down and […]

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I have grown into a stronger, happier, wiser, and more resilient woman

September 2, 2012

Tweet by Sunflower (NY) I was a 19 year old college student going through a fairly rough/confusing patch. At the time, I was neither financially nor emotionally secure to even consider continuing a pregnancy let alone bring an innocent life into my chaotic world. As difficult as it was then, my decision to abort came […]

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