A single mishap was NOT going to ruin my life

by A (Ohio)

Mine was the best decision I have made in years! I have always been careful with my birth control but I just so happened to get food poisoning which brought up my pills along with everything else that was in my system.

The day before and the day before that I had slept with two separate exes so I couldn’t even be sure who the father was. But one was an unemployed weed dealer and the other already had more than one baby mama. I was NOT going to be able to count on help from either of them and I knew I could not support myself and a child on my own income nor would it be right to raise a child in my teeny tiny two room apartment. I come from a poorer family as well and would not have been able to count on help from anyone besides myself.

I went to a clinic in Cleveland just before 6 weeks along. The staff was amazing, I did not feel a bit uncomfortable in their waiting rooms and the procedure wasn’t very painful at all. I opted out of anesthetics and it was really just a couple minutes of heavy cramping — I was too distracted by my conversation with the doctor and nurses to really pay attention.

I could be eight months pregnant right now. I cannot even express how deliriously happy I am that I am not. A single mishap was NOT going to ruin my life!

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