Abortion Analogy

by Heather A., on this site.

Having an abortion is not comparable to killing one’s neighbour. It is better compared to weeding one’s garden. Some people view them as beautiful plants, others view them as unnecessary weeds. It’s a matter of opinion. There is no moral debate as to whether killing said plants is wrong because they, like first and second trimester fetuses, do not have nervous systems developed enough to support sentience or even awareness. Sure a fetus could become sentient if given the right conditions, but every egg in my ovaries also has that potential, and I don’t hear you campaigning for their rights.

I’d like to know where you get the idea that God knows every “child” at conception. If this were the case, you’d think that God wouldn’t cause 50% of pregnancies to spontaneously abort shortly after conception. I don’t know about you, but I’m a Christian, and I therefore don’t believe that non-sentient things have souls. If I followed an animistic religion, then it would make sense for me to believe that God would put a soul in something that doesn’t have the ability to think, feel, or even be conscious. However being Christian, I have no reason to believe that.

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