Abortion helped save my best friend’s life

By AS (South Dakota)

She was 18, a freshman in college and my roommate. One night, she went to a party with a guy she thought she liked. She drank too much (she had basically no experience drinking) and woke up with him raping her.

She told no one and came home. A few weeks later, she had been drinking a lot, and I was worried. She came home from a party and was throwing up and crying at the same time. That’s when she told me the whole story and that she was pregnant.

I’ll never forget the look in her eyes when she told me, just dead and flat and she said “I’ll kill myself before I go through with this, I mean it.”

And she did mean it. She was totally unable to function for a while, much less look into what to do. She finally went to the school clinic with me where they presented her with options – and she decided to get an abortion.

We had to drive really far, and pay way more than either one of us could afford, but as soon as it was over – with very little discomfort, she was relieved. She was able to go back to school and graduated on time. She also went into therapy and has become one of the most amazing, accomplished people I know.

So thanks, abortion, for what you did for me, and my best friend.

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