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Walk-through of a surgical abortion

January 13, 2012

Tweet by frommyheart (NY) For the past two weeks I have been agonizing over my appointment to have an abortion today, psyching myself out, making myself sick. Not due to the fact that I was afraid I would regret my decision, just because I was afraid of the whole process. I was scared of a […]

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Misoprostol Abortion

January 10, 2012

Tweet by Gabby (Dominican Republic) I live in a country where abortion under all circumstances is penalized by the law, but this didn’t stopped me from making my choice. My story begins when I was 23 and was dating the worst kind of man I could ever possibly encounter in my life. We had sex […]

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Do What’s Right For You

January 9, 2012

Tweet by Vanessa (IN) I found out about a clinic, Capital Care Network, online and decided after thinking about my decision to go ahead and call and make an appointment.  The staff was so caring and the girls in the waiting room were very open and shared their stories and it helped to make the […]

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Escaped burdens from an abusive partner

December 15, 2011

Tweet By Kat (Texas) I had my first abortion at 17, a few weeks before my state made it mandatory for minors to inform their parent/guardian. I was smarter than average, prettier than average, but with the shit self-esteem that comes from being a teen. I’d also borne witness to a lot of family dysfunction […]

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Being embarrassed is a mistake

December 14, 2011

Tweet by Annyon Miss (British Columbia) I’m 40 now, and had an abortion over 10 years ago.  I was embarrassed at the time to have become pregnant, as I am a nurse, and nurses should ‘know better’.  Just proves anyone can make a mistake! I get really annoyed when people try to guilt women about […]

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