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This decision empowered me in so many ways

July 19, 2012

Tweet by April (Ontario) I grew up in a very open and excepting family when it comes to getting pregnant. I always knew though that abortion would not be accepted so I chose not to share it with my parents. I did tell my younger sister who was extremely supportive and took very good care […]

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Saved from an abusive relationship

July 16, 2012

Tweet by Judy (Europe) I was in an abusive relationships with a psychopath for nearly two years. I broke up with him after two weeks and told him he wasn’t the kind of man I was looking for. I had my own apartment, small business, savings, and car; he was 35 living with his mother […]

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Best Decision I Have Ever Made

July 15, 2012

Tweet by Maria (New Jersey) Growing up, I never had any desire to have children. As I got older, my stance had solidified. The group of girls I was friends with in middle school once joked about who would thought would end up pregnant in high school. I was not the one they guessed. It […]

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Made the decision that was best for me and my life

July 13, 2012

Tweet By Kate (Nebraska) I found out I was pregnant on April 24, 2010; I was so shocked thinking, “oh it can’t happen to me.” My boyfriend at the time and I had talked about kids but I didn’t really think it would happen so soon. We had only been together for 5 months and […]

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Over 6 months and I have yet to have regret

July 12, 2012

Tweet by Jessica (Pennsylvania) I was in Puerto Rico feeling horrible, I thought it was a local stomach flu and that the travel was the cause of my period being a few days late. However after a few more days I still wasnt better, I took a pregnancy test because the doctors office wanted to […]

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