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Thankful for available services

March 1, 2012

Tweet by Melissa (New York) I had an abortion 12 years ago when I was 16.  I did not feel nervous about the decision then nor did I regret it afterwards.  I am so thankful that abortion services were affordable and available in my area.  I cannot imagine how different my life would be now […]

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Choose the right provider

February 29, 2012

Tweet by Inside (Chicago) Ladies, your abortion experience will be much more pleasant if you chose a place where the staff and doctor are caring, compassionate, and understanding of what you’re going through. Women seeking out an abortion are already going through enough emotionally (or so I’d like to think), the last thing they need […]

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We all do it for different reasons, but it is our personal right

February 15, 2012

Tweet by Memphis (Texas) Abortion saved my life. I have one son and have had two miscarriages and one abortion. I never thought I would have an abortion but I am pro-choice. When I found out I was pregnant in December 2011 it was a shock. See, we had tried for five years after having […]

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Overcoming the stigma of rape

February 6, 2012

Tweet by Adele (Kansas) In 2005, when I was 17, my virginity was robbed from me. I have gotten used to the idea that there are two of me: the one before the event, and me after the event. It happened when I was in high school, just months before graduation. I kept it a […]

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Detailed surgical abortion experience

January 31, 2012

Tweet by Aurelia (Australia) I’m an Australian 19 year old and I found out I was pregnant three weeks ago. Once by a pregnancy test and then confirmed through a blood test done by the doctor. I’m studying at uni and was in no way ready to be a mother.I was considering using the medical option […]

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