Being embarrassed is a mistake

by Annyon Miss (British Columbia)

I’m 40 now, and had an abortion over 10 years ago.  I was embarrassed at the time to have become pregnant, as I am a nurse, and nurses should ‘know better’.  Just proves anyone can make a mistake!

I get really annoyed when people try to guilt women about abortions by saying things like ‘you might never have another baby’ or ‘how can you kill little Johny’s sibling’.  It was early in my relationship, and, had I carried to term, I probably would have wound up a single mom.  I certainly would not have the two beautiful children that I have today.

I always knew that I only wanted two children, and, had I carried the first pregnancy to term, I would not have even conceived my beautiful daughter four years ago.  There is no way that I can justify trading my daughter for some stranger that I conceived by accident.

I strongly believe that every child has the absolute right to be wanted by both parents.  Both of my children have that.

Thanks, abortion, for giving both my children the knowledge that they are absolutely loved and wanted by their mother and father.

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