Call it what you want… but it’s not your business

I was fifteen  years old when I first had sex, and sixteen when I got pregnant. Call it too young, call it irresponsible, call it whatever you want. I call it human nature and nobody’s goddamn business. I was going steady with a boy, and was on the pill, so naturally sooner or later it was bound to happen. I won’t tell you my life story or the significance of my relationship or any junk like that, I’m only here to say that abortion was 100% the right choice for us and there’s not a second that I regret it. That’s not because I don’t love children, either. Cause Lord do I… And even now at 17 (my current age) I can’t wait to have a few of my own! I have a whole picture painted in my head of the kind of a family I want and where I would like us to be, and after going through this experience it has taught me that when I know I’m ready for it, I’m going to KNOW. And I will never let it be anything less than I expect.

My want to have children of my own made this decision a little more sad, but not any more difficult. Because I know what kind of a world I want to bring a kid into (not one where they were an accident) and  the parent I want to be when that does happen, neither of which I’m capable of fulfilling at this point in my life. I truly loved the person I was with, and even now looking back I would want nothing more than him to father my future children. But like most first loves and young relationships, it didn’t last. And had I chose to keep the child because I was “in love” instead of following my heart and being realistic, I would now be stuck raising it by myself.

I agree that it is morally questionable, and there will, like for everything else, be a few in the crowd that ruin the sanctity and smart reasoning behind this decision. But I feel like people are letting the negative overrule instead of looking at the good it has done for people. When it’s the right time for someone, it’s the right time. Who are you to decide that and take the beauty out of that for them? Nobody should feel enough power or another human being that they obligate them to something of that magnitude. After all, will you be checking up on that child or paying for the welfare?

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