Contraception Failed

by Guest

I was a student who had an Abortion at a woman’s clinic and it was the best decision i made for myself at the time. I was young, and on the pill, however wound up pregnant. I learned a valuble lesson from this situation. To use alternate forms of birth control.
At the time I pretty much moon walked out of the office. I mean i could not help thinking everyday how much i did not want this baby!! Especially because the father of it was just a fling.
The place i went was amazing. I was in and out in 45 mins. I was given a simple Fental injection to easy what little pain i had. That same night i hung out with my girlfriends. No pain at all.

Well it’s been a few years and i am now with the man of my dreams and have a great career and guess what i am pregnant!! almost 11 weeks now. It was a great decision at the time. This pregnancy has been smooth sailing. It great how good it feels when you actually want to baby.

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