Definitely knew it was the right decision

by ND (United Kingdom)

I found this website before I went for my termination and I found it extremely helpful!

Im 22 and in a great relationship, however we both werent ready to be parents. My doctor was very nice when I went to see her and referred me to Marie Stopes clinic. I had to wait a couple weeks for a suitable appointment but that wasnt a problem. My boyfriend came with me and that was great for support. The nurses I saw were absolutely lovely and made me feel very comfortable. I had concious sedation so did not remember a thing, which is how i wanted it. When I was totally awake I did not feel depressed or sad I was quite relieved and happy… So I definitely knew it was the right decision at this point in my life. If it had been a few years later in my life I wouldnt of needed a choice at all but im so glad I had one.

Thanks for this site the stories helped me get through my experience without worrying!

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