Did Not Feel Like the Women In Conservative Commercials

by Candy (Michigan)

Well, I am a young college girl, 18, who has run into a snag. My (then) boyfriend decided that sex did not feel as good with a condom as without one. So he took it off…mid-sex and continued. I noticed and made him stop. We fought and he left. This was the week after my last. I didn’t think about it. I only worried when my period didn’t come the third Monday of that month. My period comes ON THE DOT every month, on the day, on the hour. He reassured me that he didn’t make me pregnant, but I could not get it off my mind. It was more than three days late when I broke down and bought the test. Positive. Oooooh boy, this man has really made me pregnant.

Well, after about five minutes of crying, I called my best friend. We talked about abortion and I researched about it. Wow! From what I heard of abortion, I thought it was an invasive procedure that would keep me haunted for the rest of my life. It isn’t. A bit costly, but nothing I can’t handle. “Oh there’s a pill?!”

I felt rather heartless, because I didn’t feel as the women on the conservative radio commercials, crying and regretting the woes of abortion. I felt emotionless and formulated. In my logic I figured that having a child now at this point of my life would be not the best for me or my child. My friends of whom I told respected my decision, but the father did then he did not.

I’m 5 weeks now and I have my procedure on next week. Though I am going issues with him and he calling me a murderer, I am going through with my decision. I do feel bad that men don’t get a lot of say, but at the end of the day this is my body. Just wish me luck.

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