Different Types of Abortion

by Anonymous

I have a bit of experience on this topic, but I want to start off by saying I do NOT regret the decisions I have made. I wish that I was responsible enough not to get pregnant in the first place, but I made mistakes and handled them in the way I felt was right.

I’ve had 3 abortions: 1st surgical w/o sedation, 2nd surgical w/sedation, and 3rd medication. Here is my experience:

1st: the procedure itself did not hurt with the local numbing. I felt pressure, similiar to that of a routine gyno-exam when they use the speculum. The conselor/nurse with me was very supportive and talked to me throughout the procedure, telling me exactly what was happening. She held my hand the whole time & was very comforting, which was nice bc I had no family with me (never told them).

2nd: I don’t remember ANYTHING except being chatty with the nurse while I was getting dressed afterwards. IV sedation would be a good option if you don’t want to remember the procedure.

*after both surgical abortions, while leaving the clinic, I had horrible waves of nausea for about 30 mins & ended up vomitting on the side of the street walking back to the car. Anti-nausea meds would have been nice! but it didn’t last long. I had period-like crams for a few days following the procedures, but never anything more.

3rd: I took the first pill (ends the preg) at the clinic and the second pill (expells the contents of uterus) at home before going to sleep. I was prescribed tylenol3/codine to make me sleep through the process, and anti-nausea meds which were a godsend (i’m very sensitive to hormonal changes). I slept through everything and for the following days had cramps that were not as bad as my normal period cramps. The only negative side-effect from the pills was mild diarhea for a couple days.

Two points I want to make: there is a misconception that having an abortion will affect your fertility. Back in the days when women had to resort to illegal abortions (with wire coathangers or whatever else!) getting an infection would make them unable to have children afterward. If you take your antibiotics, I don’t see how anything involved with abortion could effect fertily. I myself am recently married and carrying my fourth pregnancy.

Also, and most importantly, I think each woman has to decide for herself. If you allow yourself to be forced to have an abortion, you WILL regret it. On the contrary, if you allow yourself to be forced into having a child before you are ready, you will likely regret that too. We are each capable of making our own decisions and has the law stands now, no one can force us to do anything one way or the other. Do what is best for you!

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