Do What’s Right For You

by Vanessa (IN)

I found out about a clinic, Capital Care Network, online and decided after thinking about my decision to go ahead and call and make an appointment.  The staff was so caring and the girls in the waiting room were very open and shared their stories and it helped to make the decision a lot easier to deal with and accept.  We are not alone in this.  Now I was a highly against abortion and downed people for doing it, but after I was in a situation I realized… wow, this can really be a choice that can change a persons life and no one should be judged for it.

I’m a 26 yr old mother of 3 beautiful girls and when I found out I was expecting again, I knew it wasn’t the right with school and all the things going on in my life.  So at 9 weeks 1 day I went into the clinic at my scheduled time and waited after getting my demerol shot to go into the procedure room.  The nurse was so caring, she held my hand and talked me through the procedure and I felt minimal pain.  It was more of a pressure and tugging than anything else.

After my abortion I felt relieved in a way, and I had almost no pain at all.  This was the best decision for me and I’m glad i found a place that had so many caring people in their staff to help me through this decision.  I’m at peace with what I did and I pray about it… it just happened today.  People need to fight to keep abortion safe and legal… I have daughters and know I do not want them to have to go through something or not have the choice of what they want to do with their bodies if ever faced with the same situation.  Just remember you are not alone, you are not a murderer and you are doing what is RIGHT FOR YOU.  Talk about it, join a support group if you feel you need to and keep your head high.  You will get through this and things will be fine.  God forgives and so do we.  I know not all believe in a higher power but I just wanted to post that for people that do.  Remember to always do what’s right for you, and if someone is pressuring you, know that it is YOUR decision.  This isn’t right for everyone but it can be a very good decision for a lot of people.  I wish everyone the best of luck in anything you do.

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