Everyone at the office was welcoming and harbored no judgement at all

by BJ (United States)

I grew up in an extremely conservative household. I remember my grandmother bringing my cousins and me to an anti-abortion rally when I was in first grade. We even sang songs in church about choosing life. For little kids, this was heavy stuff.

Now, I’m 28 years old. I’m happily married, and I have a five-year-old daughter. I could not dream of having a better life. Unfortunately, things took a downhill turn when I found out I was pregnant last week. My husband and I are perfectly happy with one child. We both agreed that we do not want anymore, and we were actually looking into getting him a vasectomy in the next few months. I immediately called Planned Parenthood.

Those people truly are amazing. Everyone at the office was welcoming and harbored no judgement at all. They answered every question I had and more. With all of the criticism and harsh words they get, those people are the closest to saints I have ever known.

I did the medical abortion with the pill yesterday. I had taken the first pill on Friday at Planned Parenthood and felt fine all day. Once I woke up Saturday morning, I began to feel queasy, and I ended up throwing up in a bag at the pharmacy while I waited on my prescription for pain medication to be filled. Saturday evening I took the rest of the pills, the ones that you hold in your cheek for half an hour then swallow. Within an hour and a half, the cramps had started and I had a mild fever. After two hours, I had started spotting. Soon after, I had diarrhea, which the doctor said to expect. When I was pooping, that was when most of the blood and tissue came out as well. I’m sorry this part of the story is so gross, but that’s the case with some of these things, I’m afraid. For the rest of the evening, the cramping and fever remained, but the bleeding slowed down to almost nothing.

It’s been 24 hours since I took those last four pills, and I feel amazing. No nausea, no fever, and just a tiny bit of cramping. I’m bleeding less right now than I usually do on my period.

I have no regrets for having an abortion. If anything, I am relieved and extremely proud of my decision. In our case, it was most definitely the responsible way to go. I love my daughter and would happily die for her, but I do not ever want to have another baby.

I am most thankful right now for the doctors and staff at Planned Parenthood. Those people deal with unwanted pregnancies, rape victims, HIV positive people, teenage moms, STD’s and god knows what else all day every day and they STILL all had smiles on their faces. And the majority of people in the world know them as nothing but “baby-killers”. I don’t believe in Heaven, but if I did, there would be a special place for the staff of Planned Parenthood up there for them.

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