Faced my limits

by My Highness (New Jersey)

I had an abortion recently and actually stumbled upon this site while googling ways to overcome the recent pain in my life. I had an abortion four months ago and to be quite honest from the moment I was pregnant I knew that I was going to pursue an abortion. In fact, I was certain because the guy I was involved with at the time didn’t seem to fit in to my long term picture however much I wanted him to at the time(gut feeling is a crazy thing…I must tell you).

I must say that my abortion actually forced me to face my limits as a person because I got an infection afterward and was hospitalized to treat it. But despite all of this I realized how important it was not to be wasteful with my life and spend it dating low lifes that I had dated in the past–I guess you could call this the wake up call that I needed to really pull myself together. At times, I do get upset about being left with no resources at the time and facing some very real consequences with my health that almost jeopardized my school and work, but this experience has also forced me to recognize how valuable I am, how important it is to remember that and not let some idiotic guy of the moment define you.

I hope all the girls out there in a similar situation remember that there is always a way, you just have to look hard enough and you will survive whether the guy is involved or not.

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