Having a child suits different people at different stages in their life

by A (British Columbia)

Finding out I was pregnant was a shock. My boyfriend and I had been responsible and using birth control everytime throughout the duration of our relationship. One time, unknowingly, my birth control failed. My boyfriend and I discussed our options, and he was understanding and told me that he’d support me either way. I knew I wanted to stay in this relationship (still planning on getting married one day), but timing for a baby wasn’t right.

I was finishing my third year of university, with hopes of becoming a teacher. I worked part-time with all my income going towards my education. Due to a work-related accident my boyfriend had to take a less physically-demanding, lower paying job that would be insufficient to cover the costs related to a baby. I was young and knew there was many more things I wanted to do with my life before settling down and having children. I felt uncomfortable with the thought of someone else raising my child; so I decided to have an abortion.

I don’t regret it for a minute. Having a child suits different people at different stages in their life. I was not physically, mentally, or financially ready for a baby yet. I have seen enough young mothers to know the struggle of providing for their child and did not want that to be me. People may think I made the wrong choice, and that’s okay. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, your decision to think what I did was wrong is just as valid as my thought that what I did was right – there is no “winner” in this perpetual argument. Here is something that I do know: it is my body, my life, my baby, and I am the only one that can ultimately make this decision – no one else is me; therefore it’s ridiculous for anyone to make my decision for me.

It was a hard decision to make, but it was the right now. No regrets.

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