I do not want to be a mom right now

by Syd (Virginia)

I am going to have my 2nd abortion tomorrow. Even though I have done it before, I can’t help but be nervous, not scared just nervous. For woman who are scared of the physical aspect of it, it’s not bad at all. The most uncomfortable part is when they open your vagina like a pap.

I barely felt the shot, and the actual abortion just felt like medium period cramps; nothing to be stressed or scared about. I am only 20 years old and think that I have a general pain tolerance, so if you have had a pap than this is definitely bearable. And it’s true, you feel tremendous relief afterwards, I remember I cried afterwards because of how relieved I was. That night I was out with my friends, and healed very fast. In fact, right afterwards my boyfriend and I went to out to eat.

The most comforting thing during the procedure is the nurse holding your hand, the doctor is very nice, and so is the nurse. She asked me about my hobbies, and what I liked to do, and by the time I could say “this is uncomfortable, when will it be over?” They said “we’re done!”. Don’t regret it one bit, and am happy that I have this choice, because I do not want to be a mom right now, I have a career to focus on. If you’re scared of the pain that’s not a good reason to not have one, because it’s really not bad.

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