I grew up thinking that abortion was wrong

I’m 22 and my boyfriend is 26. I found out that I was 5 weeks pregnant last Friday. I pondered my choices but ultimately knew in my heart/gut that an abortion was right for me.

Like a few girls on here, I grew up thinking that abortion was wrong. I couldn’t accept the fact that I was indeed pregnant and was in denial about it.

I had my mind made up after my sister-in-law and I waited in the ER for 7.5 hours.

I discussed it with my boyfriend. He was on board with whatever I wanted to do. However, me being the worst girlfriend ever, I made him out to be the “bad guy” and expressed to my family that he was anti-baby/wanted an abortion. I did this to get their reaction. Overall, it wasn’t good and went forth with the abortion. To “cover-up” the abortion, I lied again to my family saying that I miscarried.

Sick, I know. But my motives were meant to be good. I wanted to protect my family’s feelings. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

I was finally able to be honest with myself as well with my family and although this decision/lies had torn us apart, I feel 100% better about it and wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Thanks to abortion, I can live my life without interruption and continue with school and work and my relationship with my boyfriend. A lot of life lessons were learned throughout this past week or so, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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