I Knew What I Needed

by Casey (North Carolina)

I found out about a week ago I’m 6 weeks pregnant. I am almost 22 and have a 1 year old. I left my son’s father while I was still pregnant due to conflicts we could never solve. I have faced being a single mom everyday and I do not regret that. But finding out I am pregnant again has made me think if I want to do this again, now with two babies.

After a long discussion with my partner I’ve decided to terminate my pregnancy. The doctor was recommend by my local health department and a very good friend. She was reassuring and kind, but most of all made sure I got post partum help. I suffered from it very badly after my son and her office is making weekly calls to make sure I am okay.

I never thought I could not have my child if I was pregnant, but after now gaining custody of my 4 yr niece I know in my heart and soul it would not be fair to the children I have now to have one more. My niece is special needs and my plate is full. I’m glad I know when I can not handle another life; it’s just not fair to the kids I have. I don’t regret my choice.

I knew what I needed and what I wanted, and I did it. My best friend took the kids for a night to let me recover a bit and the next day was back on my feet and being a mom. Don’t let fear of this take you over because it’s easier to emotionally heal from termination then it would be to live with a child you knew you never wanted. Much love.

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