I was happy to have found this site before I went in

by Flower (Victoria, Australia)

I had an abortion today. I was very scared and a little bit sad about the whole situation. I had done some research and was sad to see that most of the stuff was from pro lifers. I was happy to have found this site before I went in.

I had my appointment early in the morning and my boyfriend drove us there. We were a bit worried about protesters and when we got there they were only just starting up so we weren’t too harassed. There was a security guard waiting for us and he apologized for the protesters and led us in. Everyone was kind and friendly and there were lots of people there already. I felt better knowing that other people were going through this too. I was surprised to see the majority of women were there with partners and were about my age which is 23.

The reason I chose to have an abortion was because I am not ready to be a mum. Not financially, not emotionally. I love kids and am excited for when the time comes. But me and my boyfriend knew it wasn’t right to bring a child into this world when we are really not ready.

First I saw the doctor. He was really nice and asked a few questions. Then he did a quick ultrasound. It literally lasted 2 seconds and he confirmed my last period was 6 weeks ago. Next was the counselor. She was lovely and just asked me questions and was agreeing with everything I was saying. It really made me feel better knowing that I was making the right choice and that it’s ok. She also said the protesters outside were ‘wicked’ and they all hated them in there. Then I had to wait in a special waiting room for the procedure. I was taken to a change room where I had to put on a gown. The anesthetist came and had a chat and was really nice and then they took me to the theatre. The nurse and anesthetist chatted to me and I began to feel sleepy. He said I’d be asleep in 30 seconds and the next thing I remember is waking up in a ward. The nurse came over and just told me where I was and gave me some pain relief. I had some cramping but nothing worse than period pain. There were about six other girls in there. All were in different stages of conscious. After about half an hour they took me to a room where I had tea and biscuits. The counselor was there and she chatted a bit and then me and my boyfriend left. We left out the back because the protest had gotten huge. I find it really horrible that they harass women like that. It’s a hard enough decision and I really felt awful before.

I’m at home now and feel so much better! I have no cramps and the queasiness I had from pregnancy is gone. I’d love to tell anyone who is feeling scared, it’s fine! Of course it’s scary and sometimes sad but the people are lovely, there is minimal pain and obviously any reason a woman is having an abortion is a good one.
That’s my story. Thank you abortion!!

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