Just arrived back home from abortion

by Thankfulforchoice (California)

Just wanted to post my story to ease the minds of those who are about to get an abortion and are uncertain of what to expect. I just arrived back home from mine.

First of all, I am 38 years old and married with 3 children-all almost adults. My husband and I found out I was pregnant about 1 month ago and recently decided that we were not going to keep this baby because I am working on my Master’s and he is finishing school as well. Both of us love to travel and enjoy that our kids are at an age where we can come and go freely.

Coverage in Cali, food for thought: My husband recently retired from the military and I am not working but we are covered by Tricare, which does not cover the cost of abortion services. I completed the paperwork for Medi-cal at the Family Planning Assoc. center in just to see if I would be eligible to have the abortion covered instead of having the out of pocket cost. Indeed, because of our income, the abortion service was 100% covered. I mention this to those who fear they cannot afford an abortion, it does not hurt to complete the paperwork for Medi-cal. I will not be continuing the coverage because we already today, the cost was covered.

Anyhow, after the paperwork was completed, I was taken back into a room to have an ultra-sound which confirmed I was 11.5 weeks. I had an ultrasound two days prior because I wanted to know for certain. The ultrasound tech did give me an option to see the image if I choose. I did not because I had already seen it.

After the ultrasound I was sent back out into the lobby for a few minutes, where my husband was waiting then shortly called back in to go over paperwork with the nurse and give a urine sample. I was then taken to a room where weight and blood pressure was taken and told to change into the gown and place my belongings in a locker where I could lock it and keep the key for the time I was there.

From that room, I was called back into another room with a nurse who took a small amount of blood from my finger (a finger prick… no pain) then placed back into the room where I had my blood pressure and weight taken. I waited there for about 10 minutes (alone, not a group setting). From here, the nurse came and explained she was ready to take me back for surgery.

I was taken into the surgical room, asked to get on the table and IMMEDIATELY the IV was placed in my hand, no waiting. Trust me, I HATE needles and IV’s BUT this needle is TINY and DOES NOT hurt at all…NO FEAR, I worried most about this part, but really, no pain.

About 2 minutes later the doctor arrived and as soon as he stepped into the room, the anesthesia started to be administered into the IV. This was the worst part of it all… not the actual IV insertion. The medicine DOES burn, I will not lie but I had just enough time to ask the doctor how long will this burn and then I was OUT, I remember NOTHING until I was in the recovery room being awakened by a nurse, I asked how long I had been out and she explained 1/2 hour.

I was in recovery about 15 minutes with VERY SLIGHT cramping, nothing worse than a regular menstrual cramp. They checked my blood pressure twice, asked how I was doing, removed the IV and then led me back to the changing room. After I got dressed, I sat with the nurse a minute as she explained when to take the anti-biotics they provided, one week. She checked my blood pressure again and offered me some Ibuprofin for the cramping (mild). After that, I was led to my husband who was in the waiting room. I felt good enough to have breakfast. I was there from 9AM until 11:15.

WARNING: Be careful for the church crazies in the parking lot. They WILL approach your car and ask if you are going to Women’s Clinic. I asked them “why” and she said they had some brochures to give me. I told them I was not religiious and did not wish to adopt for free as I am not a baby mill…told the woman I would sell it just like the adoption agencies and lawyers usually get the money…as if I adopted, that money should go to me…that shut her up 🙂 Don’t worry, there is a guard out there who keeps them somewhat at bay! Give them some shock value and tell them you will sell the baby for $100,000…and say it with a straight face!

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