Kept my life from being ruined

by Jadelyn (California)

Back in 2006, at age 21, my birth-control failed and I got pregnant.  My boyfriend at the time lived 2300 miles away, I was in college and unemployed, and I don’t ever want children at all anyway.  So while I was shocked at finding out I was pregnant, the choice was a no-brainer for me, and I made my appointment at Planned Parenthood that afternoon.  My boyfriend (who had already gone home) offered to fly back out if I needed him to be with me, but my mom and best friend had both already offered to go with me to the clinic, so I told him I was ok.

A week later, I took the pills that would stop fetal development, and two days after that, took the pills to expel the pregnancy in the privacy of my mom’s home.  I spent a weekend watching movies and sitting on the couch while I basically had an induced miscarriage, then went on with my life, finishing college, moving across the country, moving back, and finally getting engaged.

I never felt a twinge of guilt and have never regretted my choice, especially after seeing several friends become parents before they were ready and how it’s changed their lives for the worse.

Thanks, abortion, for keeping my life from being ruined by an unwanted pregnancy!

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