Made the right decision for MYSELF and I’m not looking back

by Rachel (Tennessee)

I was in the second semester of my freshman year of college when I got pregnant. My boyfriend of 2 years and I didn’t use protection on Valentine’s day (the only time we had not used protection) and after getting a positive pregnancy test a couple of weeks later, I freaked out. For me, there was no hesitation. My family is extremely Catholic and did not like my boyfriend at the time at all. I could not bear the thought of being ostracized and judged for the rest of my life for just one mistake, as some girls who became pregnant at my high school had. I remember watching their lives deteriorate before them and all their potential wasted. Their boyfriends eventually left them, they did poorly in school and were constantly talked about, and only one or two went on to community college. I have a goal to finish at a four-year university and go on to grad school and I absolutely refused to give up that dream to raise I child I did not even want.

I had just barely enough money for an abortion, which wiped out my bank account completely (but hey, a kid ain’t cheap either!). My boyfriend was really supportive and understanding and drove me to Planned Parenthood, where I opted for a medical abortion to terminate the pregnancy at 6 weeks. The women I talked to in the waiting room were just as relieved as I was to be able to move on with their lives after the appointment was over. I was really nervous before going in, but after sharing stories of how we got pregnant in the first place, we all lightened up and joked around for an hour, which definitely made things easier. After I took the second set of pills a day after the appointment I started to bleed. NOTHING can describe the overwhelming RELIEF I felt that day. I was so, so happy to be able to get on with the rest of my studies and finish out the year.

I am now a sophomore and have not ONCE regretted my decision to have an abortion. I know that if I ever want to have a baby (and I’m still not sure if I ever will) I want it to be when I’m in a stable financial state and a committed relationship. I would never want to resent a child and I know I avoided this. I understand that there are those who are strongly against abortion and would proudly carry out a pregnancy no matter the circumstance, but this choice was mine, and I want others to understand that. I made the right decision for MYSELF and I’m not looking back.

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