Misoprostol abortion

by 2ndchance (RSA)

Whew! I’m so glad I did it with Misoprostol. I’m 28 yrs old and have a 14 month old son. I had abdominal pains soon after weaning my 1 year old boy. I thought I was gonna get my period, but nothing came until I started being nauseous in the mornings and very sleepy all day long. I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive… I went to my doctor for a sonar and there it was– 6 weeks embryo! My doctor gave me Misoprostol but I was so scared to use it in case I had severe pains or died… the thought of another baby so soon pushed me to try this Misoprostol because my doctor assured me it wasn’t gonna be that bad… guess what… I’m done with it now and there are no pains… just had a very light pain and couldn’t even notice if it was from stomach or womb because I had diarrhea– probably Misoprostol effect on me. Otherwise I’m glad I’m back to my plans and life again, no stress no pain!!

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