My medical termination story

by anon29
I had my medical termination yesterday and I thought I would write down my experience incase it helps anyone in the future.
I had to be at the hospital for 9am yesterday, I had hardly slept the night before and was so nervous about it!
At around 9.30am, a nurse inserted 4 small tablets into my vagina, this was fine and I hardly felt a thing.
I was then shown to my bed, I was able to keep my own clothes on and I just sat in the chair next to the bed and read my book.
Nothing really happened then for a few hours until about 11.30am when I started to get bad pains, like period pains. I tried to ignore them but they got quite bad and I started to shake so I called for the nurse and she gave me 2 pain killers which kicked in pretty much straight away and I was just left with a dull ache.
At 12.30pm, they came around and asked if I wanted any lunch, have to be honest and say that I was starving by this point so I had cottage pie and then sponge pudding with custard!
Shortly after lunch, I started bleeding, it wasn’t as horrific as I was execting, it was just like a period. I went to the toilet and this is when I felt 2 clots ‘plop’ into the toilet. I didn’t look, I just put the seat down and called for the nurse. She looked and said it was hard to tell if it was the embryo as I was very early (only 6-7 weeks pregnant) so it would only be tiny. In my heart, I really think that was it though.
I went back to my chair and just read my book until my fiance came to pick me up at 3pm. Last night, I bled but only like a period and I have had some dull aches but nothing as bad as I was expecting.
I wanted to write my story down because it really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, I had read so many horror stories about what would happen and how much blood I would lose and how much pain I would be in etc etc but it was honestly fine, not pleasant but not a horror story like I was expecting!!
I feel ok today, physically I am fine but I do feel very emotional and weepy today. Saying that, I don’t regret my decision as I know it was for the right reasons.
Good luck to anyone else going through this difficult time xx
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