No Guild or Sadness

by Happy Girl (Texas)

I am 19 and knew immediately that I wanted an abortion when I found out I was pregnant. The pregnancy (even only being 7 weeks long) was living hell for me. I was nauseous and throwing up morning noon and night. I had trouble holding food and water down and for the week before my abortion I had not been able to keep a single meal down. I was not able to find a doctor who would prescribe anti-nausea medicine to me.

I went to a women’s healthcare practice and the staff was great. Everyone was professional, caring, and non-judgmental. When I pulled into the parking lot there were some protestors, but there was also a very nice police officer who escorted me from my car to the door. It made me feel much safer and at ease to have someone walk me to the door.

I was extremely nervous about having an abortion, and I picked to have a medical abortion because surgical seemed too scary. I had read horror stories about the pain and I won’t lie, it was extremely painful. But I feel like one day of pain is much better than 9 months of horrible pregnancy symptoms and a lifetime with a child I am not ready for. When it was all over and done with, I had a meal and didn’t vomit. Food tasted good again!! And I feel so relieved and happy that I can go on with my life. I have no guilt or sadness. I know I made a good decision.

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