No Wounds, No Regrets, Only Gratitude

by anonymous

I was barely 18, living with a nice-enough but totally unsuitable man, earning minimum wage and he not much more. Also, I was more or less all messed up in the head from the years of vicious abuse I endured when I still lived with my family—I had escaped at 15 but the wounds were still fresh three years later. I had no education, no skills, no prospects, no money, no car, no family who would help me.

Discovering my pregnancy made me suicidal. Ending it gave me back the opportunity to heal from my abusive childhood, the opportunity to get an education and build a career, and the opportunity to build a happy, loving, successful life and family.

The people who say that women who terminate an unwanted pregnancy will spend the rest of their lives suffering from it are wrong, wrong, wrong. 15 years later, I still feel nothing but relief and gratitude. Thanks, Dr. Jackson, and thanks, abortion.

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