Not as painful as they say

I am 24 married and have two kids, and I have also had an abortion 6 weeks ago. I have to say it was a very difficult decision for my husband and I buy we thought that it would be the best decision for our family due to my husband being on active duty in the military, and we were not ready financially.
Honestly I was scared out of my mind about having the abortion, I was even scared to call the abortion clinic so I turned to the internet to get information on what goes on in the procedure and if it would painful. Some of the things on the internet that tell about the procedure and what you will go through are LIES. I am going to be completely HONEST. I called the abortion clinic to make an appointment and the lady was very nice and just asked  for my name and date and time that would be right for me.
When I got to the clinic on the day of my appointment I walked in and the nurse at the desk was very nice, but there is a lot of paper work to fill out and before anything else they give you a pregnancy test to make sure you’re pregnant. After the nurse comes for you to take an ultrasound to see how far along after you visit with a counselor and she explains what is going to happen during the procedure and she confirms your decision. She also tells you that she will be by your side the whole time during the procedure. After the 15-20 min counseling session you will have to try and urinate before the procedure.
Then the counselor came into the waiting room for me and took me to this small room and I had to get undressed from my waist down then the doctor came in to talk to me and to make sure of my decision. Another nurse came in to give me medication– one was to clam my nerves which were great because I was scared and the other was for the pain. I got on the examining table they turned on some music that was very calming and the counselor was right by my side talking to me and holding my hand. In no, time I was finished I was like are you serious we’re done they said yes all done…
3 minutes is all it took. I got dressed and the nurse took me to the recovery room where gave me crackers and a drink they also give you a heating pad for cramping but I didn’t need one. Twenty minutes in the recovery room and you can leave. My husband was right in the waiting room where I left him waiting for me he thought I would need help walking. I was like, I am fine, it was better than a pap smear. I had light bleeding for about 5 days. And no cramping. Girls don’t be scared its your body and your choice don’t be scared it doesn’t hurt I promise. And everyone is super nice to you in the clinic. Oh I forgot to mention I had the surgery abortion. Best luck to you everything will be fine.
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