Opportunities thanks to abortion

Annie (Maryland)

I was 17 and just about to start my senior year in high school when I found out I was pregnant.  I didn’t know what to do, and the father told me that we would have to get married if I decided to go through with the pregnancy.

I decided to have an abortion because I knew I wasn’t ready to get married, especially not to him.

Unfortunately I lived in a state with parental notification laws, so I had to travel to a neighboring state to have my abortion.  Eight hours in the car that day, four hours there and four hours back.  I felt only relief after the abortion and the guy broke up with me right away afterward.

I love my current life.  I wouldn’t have the same life if I had went through with the pregnancy (whether I placed the child for adoption or chose to parent).  I am grateful I live in the United States and that abortion is still legal here.  I do not want to live somewhere where I wouldn’t be able to make a choice about my own body.  I don’t think abortion is the right choice for everyone, but I believe that women need to be trusted to make the choice that is right for them, in their own best interests.  I know it was the right choice for me, and I can’t imagine how different my life would be right now if I had continued my pregnancy.  I am currently in my senior year of college, about to go on to grad school to be a social worker.  I feel I have these opportunities because I choose abortion.

Thanks, abortion.  I really appreciate my life!

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