Nothing to be afraid of

by Sera (NY)

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew immediately I wouldn’t allow the pregnancy to continue. I didn’t feel sad or desperate to end it, in fact I felt perfect peace with my decision. I was raised in a family, church and community that don’t subscribe to the idea that a fertilized ovum is a human being, so I never struggled with feelings about “killing a baby.” There were so many practical reasons why I shouldn’t continue the pregnancy, but the most important reason for ending it was the emotional one; even though I desire to have children one day, not one single part of me desires to have a child now.

I had never had an abortion before and I was really afraid about the pain. I was also nervous about the protesters. I recently moved to a very conservative area and I constantly see anti-reporductive choice protesters picketing many different clinics.

It turned out I had nothing to be afraid of on either of these accounts. There were no protestors the day I went to the clinic. At the clinic the staff was friendly and kind. I had an ultrasound and a blood draw and met with a counselor. Up until this point I was calm and comfortable about everything. When I went into the procedure room, I became very nervous. I was so afraid of the pain I expected. The doctor and a nurse came into the room. The nurse was the most lovely person, she could tell I was nervous and was very kind and comforting. The I received sedation through an IV, and although I could notice a difference, it pretty much just felt like I’d had a big glass of wine. Then the procedure began. The shot stung a bit. Then I felt some tugging and at one point I felt what seemed like a weak menstrual cramp. And then, after little more than a minute, it was over. At first I was confused; there was no way it could be so short and so painless. I had to ask twice before I really understood that I was done. I was told everything went fine and that I was free to go.

I had worried for nothing! I am so glad that I had access to such a great clinic with a wonderful doctor and excellent staff. I’m glad I live in a country where I am fully in control of my reproductive health.

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Planned Parenthood Was Great

by Willow (Alabama)

I’m 20 years old, and found out that I was six weeks pregnant about a week ago. I am in a committed relationship, but we only make $800 a month together, so we knew that we couldn’t do this.

Planned Parenthood was great. I told them my financial situation, and was able to get financial help. The counselors were all very helpful and sweet to me. I had the medical abortion. I chose to have a medical abortion (pills) instead of the procedure because I wanted to do it in the privacy of my home. I was very scared, and had to psyche myself up for 2 hours before taking the final pills. To my surprise, I started spotting 20 minutes after taking the pills, had some light cramping, and everything passed within 2 hours.

I’m very happy with my choice and thankful that this option was available to me.

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Greatful that I have the choice

by (Kay, Ontario)

I am 22 years old and a year and 3 months ago I got pregnant. I found out I was pregnant about 11 weeks later I was faced with a tough decision, whether I wanted to continue my pregnancy or terminate. I had only been dating my boyfriend for about 5 months once I found out I was pregnant. I chose to book an appointment to terminate my pregnancy later deciding it was not what I wanted to do. I continued with my pregnancy and had a wonderful baby boy whom I am so happy to have in my life and I know that he was the right choice for me at that time in my life. After my son was born my boyfriend and I always had protected sex. 3 months after my son was born the condom failed us. I later found out I was pregnant. Again I was faced with the choice of continuing or terminating. At this point in my life I am not ready for another child in any way shape or form. This time I am firm on my decision to terminate and just like when I decided to continue my pregnancy I know that both choices were the right choices for me. It was today I had my abortion. I chose not to have the pain reliever as I am not good with that loopy feeing and I must say it was not nearly as painful as I thought it was going to be. A little uncomfortable, mind you, but for me very tolerable. But anyways I just wanted to make a point to say whatever choice you do choose is the right choice for you! I must say I am so greatful that I have the choice!

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Kelly’s Story

Abortion stories all share two common traits; they are all incredibly personal, and yet they all sound eerily similar. Mine is not so different.

I have a dominate genetic disease, that “activated” when I was 9 years old. In many ways, this disease is hellish; I am in constant pain, I must avoid sunlight, lots of foods, there are drugs I must take and other drugs I can never take… it’s a constant battle, just maintaining what I have, physically.

I found out, when I was a teenage, that pregnancy will kill me. Unless I somehow go into “remission” [a state I have yet to achieve for even one day] and stay in remission for the length of a pregnancy, my chances of dying from pregnancy are over 80%. And even in that case – it’s a dominate genetic disease. It isn’t something I am willing to “share”, as it were. It is possible to carry the disease and never have it active – but chances are, if I attempt to have a child [and somehow survive long enough to do so] that child will be born with the disease active.

I moved to Ohio when I was 20. I was diagnosed with PTSD shortly after I moved here. I was not, at all, in a good place, either physically or mentally. I tried to kill myself many times.

I dated a guy.

Guy was a pathological liar. When I met him, he was 22. Everyone “knew” he was 22, he worked as a tech support admin, he was about to return to college to start work on his Master’s degree, he was looking for a long-term relationship, hopefully marriage, and he wanted children.

The only true statement in the above was his desire for children. I discovered that he turned 18 about 4 months into our relationship – I found out on his birthday. I suddenly understand why his mother was so angry with me. I immediately broke up with him.
And I got sick. Two weeks after I broke up with him, I had a fever that ranged anywhere from 100 to 103.8. I will ill constantly, throwing up at the thought of food. I thought I must have a kidney infection, adding all the symptoms plus the extra pain in my back, the constant migraine. I had lost 13 pounds in those two weeks. I finally went to the ER, where the doctor originally thought I had spinal meningitis. A pregnancy test was given, yes, but only because it was “required”, not because anyone thought I was pregnant.

But I was.

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Staff showed me all options

by Tracey (Oregon)

It was never my intention to be pregnant, EVER. I went to planned parenthood seeking an abortion. They showed me all my options including the adoption option. I knew what I wanted, an abortion. The people were friendly and gave me all opportunities and options available. I will always be grateful to them. Having an abortion was the best thing for me and I’m glad I did it.

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