Could not have asked for a better experience

by hitcher2be

I had an abortion one week ago. I’m twenty and my husband and I made the decision that we were not ready for a child yet, although we plan on having them in a few years.

He did all the research and insisted I didn’t look anything up because of all those pro-life sites that try to scare you out of it with statistics. He found a place in town that had been open since Roe vs Wade and seemed clean. We chose that place because it was on a private street so there would be no fear of protesters, and it was a nice free standing building. It seemed like as ideal a place as any.

They would heavily sedate me because I had my husband there to drive me home and take care of me. I was scared as hell, but the day came and I went. The worst part about it was that I was holding my head high on the belief that my husband would be there holding my hand, but it turns out he wasn’t allowed out of the waiting room. I got past that devestation with how kind and supportive the staff was to me. I had an ultrasound, and they didn’t show me the monitor or anything horrible like that. They pricked my finger for a blood sample and had me take off my bra before they put in the needle for the IV. That was the worst part of my experience. I hadn’t drank or eaten anything that day per their instruction and for the first time in my life, they were unable to find a vein. I got poked six times by three different people. After that was completed, I was taken into a dimly lit room where there was soft music playing, much like you would experience if you were getting a massage. Everything was designed to relax you. I had to get undressed waist down and lay down on a table with a sheet over me. The doctor came in and introduced himself to me and asked if I had any questions. After he did a quick breast exam, he left and the nurse injected the sedation into my IV. I don’t remember falling asleep, but I was not awake even when they put my feet in the stirrups. I don’t remember a thing, for which I am deeply grateful.

I vaguely remember waking up in a room they put you in after to rest until you can go home. I remember it like a dream though, I was so sedated. They helped me to my car and gave my husband medicine and instructions and said I could eat. I remember waking up sometime on the way home and wanting Sonic. I tried to make a joke about the doctor and terrified my husband cause I said something to the affect that “he did a breast exam cause I have nice boobs and he liked boobs”. I was JOKING, nothing inappropriate happened, but I was in a strange frame of mind and trying to make a joke. I ate without tasting my food on the way home and walked into the house without assistance, still feeling very groggy and dizzy. I ate and fell asleep and stayed asleep for most of the day. I could not have asked for a better experience. I didn’t want to remember the operation, and I didn’t have to.

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Failed Birth Control

by Carifairy

I have had 3 abortions, and I was on birth control.

I got pregnant 1 time on an IUD even..

I work in an abortion clinic, I am a healthcare field worker =)

AN aboriton takes 3-5 minutes if you are under 12 weeks, and you can be PUT TO SLEEP just like any other surgery, so it is painless.

Obviously if you cannot afford the extra sedation and ‘good drugs’, you will be awake, and it hurts, but asleep is painless.

I would have another abortion if necessary, mine were easy.

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Challenge anyone to make me regret it

by TuckingFypos

If you want a story I had an abortion at 18 and I challenge ANYONE to make me regret it or think it wasn’t the best choice I could have made!

I’ve also done many college papers and research speeches on abortion.

When looking for resources the best place is the library. When using the internet you need to screen the sites you use. It’s hard to find non-biased sites

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Keep her life on track

by Erica

Well I have a pro-abortion story. One of my good friends got pregnant, she was only 20 and she had no job or money… so she and her bf decided to get an abortion. She is happy that she did it because now she can keep her life on track and is not burdened by a baby she would not love. She and her bf are doing great, and they always remember to wear condoms now. It was the best thing they could have done.

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Wasn’t painful at all

by Okinawa

Had one when I was 20 and the experience wasn’t painful at all but it did make me a little apprehensive when I went for the procedure. All turned out well and I have had no regrets plus I had a nice support system. Having support helped a lot. It was the best choice for me. If this is something you’re serious about then prepare yourself for it and find some support for you and your healing process. Don’t look back when its over, live your life.

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