Positive experience with medical abortion

by Alissa (British Columbia)

I had a very positive experience with medical abortion (pills at home). I was so nervous about the pain and discomfort but was provided with more than enough pain killers (3 different kinds of varying strength) and I didn’t even feel the need to reach for the strongest ones. The doctor and nurses and counselor were all really great and comforting.

I had my boyfriend with me for most of the day; he brought me cupcakes, a smoothie, and other goodies, and he made me a wonderful lentil stew (though I had very little appetite). I acted sort of needy for the day but he appreciated being able to help.

I got the shot and the next day felt hungover all day (tired, a little nauseous, a little vomit in the morning, a little headache) — no big deal. Next day, I was really scared so, while alone in the morning, I relaxed my body and tried to release the fear I was holding. I told myself ‘I am safe’, ‘I trust my body’, ‘This is the right choice for me.’

I inserted and felt mild cramps after an hour (Ibuprofen before and then 2 codeine/T3s as I started to feel pain). About an hour after the second dose it was really happening and at first I wanted to just drug myself stupid but I am so glad I didn’t. I think I just had one codeine but I was still feeling quite a bit. I used my meditation training to help me ride the waves of sensation and observe, knowing that all passes and that I am safe. I laid straight out as if in a coffin (savasana in yoga terms) with piles of blankets and a heating pad under my lower back and over my feet and tried to just surrender. For about an hour or maybe two I laid there and my partner asked if I needed anything. After that I felt this huge sense of relief and I went to the toilet and noticed that it was over. I was free.

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