Regain My Footing

by Relieved (Texas)

I’m 26 years old and I had a surgical abortion two days ago when I was 7 weeks pregnant.

To sum it up, I got pregnant after a stupid early morning encounter with my ex boyfriend. I took the morning after pill, but i guess those little soldiers were just too strong…

When I took the pregnancy test and saw the little plus sign, I almost lost my mind. I started shaking and saying no no no….I called my mom and my best friend and asked them to tell me the test was wrong. I spent the entire day at work panicking and when I went to the doctor later that afternoon she confirmed it.

I told the father and he was adamant about not wanting it…but I wasn’t sure. I never thought I could ever get an abortion…I’ve always been pro-choice, but I just thought it was something other women would do, not me.

So I agonized for about a week and I finally decided I didn’t want to have it. I went to planned parenthood for the required ultrasound and when I saw the small dark blob on the picture, I was relieved that it didn’t look like a baby.

I went back a week later for the procedure and honestly the worst part was the waiting.
When I was finally called to the back they showed me into a room and I met the nurse and a volunteer who was there to hold my hand and distract me.

I had IV sedation to relax me and it totally worked. To be honest, it’s only been two days, but I couldn’t really tell you what happened during the procedure. I mean I felt that they were doing something but there was no pain…and the volunteer did an excellent job of keeping me talking so I wasn’ t stressed.

When it was over I was really surprised and I asked them twice if they were sure they were done. They reassured me that I was definitely not pregnant anymore and they wheeled me to the recovery room.

I was in there for about 30 minutes dozing on and off. I had a bit of mild cramping but nothing especially painful. My ex drove me home and I napped on and off.

So it’s been two days and I feel completely normal. No pain…minimal bleeding and most importantly, the amazing relief that comes with not being pregnant anymore.

I’m so glad that there was a place I could go to help me regain my footing and keep my life going in the direction I want it to.

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