Regret: Maudlin and False

I had a wonderful abortion. The narrative of abortion is so rigid that it’s difficult to figure out how to talk about it without falling into all these kind of pre-set traps.

The narrative in most people’s minds seems to call for either acknowledgment or lengthy refutation of regret, gravitas and so on. For me these are complete non-starters. It was not a decision made with much gravitas – I wanted one, I got one. Regret is completely absent from my experience, I can’t even comprehend it honestly – it sounds so maudlin and false like I’m expected by the very people who’d uphold my right to an abortion to also live in some absurd romantic comedy that they themselves would criticize for its inability to speak to their lives. My life and abortion weren’t focus grouped, eh?

The medium has become the message. If you can’t talk about abortion without gravitas it’s off script, boring and not worth talking about. That, from my point of view, is one of the very real silencing parts of the story as it’s thus far been written.

Well whatever, my abortion was, and continues to be, boring as fuck.

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