Saved from an abusive relationship

by Judy (Europe)

I was in an abusive relationships with a psychopath for nearly two years. I broke up with him after two weeks and told him he wasn’t the kind of man I was looking for. I had my own apartment, small business, savings, and car; he was 35 living with his mother going to pubs everyday with no intentions of moving out. Instead of saying “okay”, or anything offensive and just accepting my decision, he made it very clear that he will not let go of me at all. For most of the time I stayed with him because he knew where I lived, he would show up, ringing my doorbell like crazy, talked to my neighbors behind my back, kept stalking my friends and relatives so I slowly stopped talking to anyone. He not once raised his hand at me when I told him to get out. He called the police claiming I overdosed myself with medications, he stole my keys and locked me inside my own apartment. The only reason why I stayed because I had a beautifully established life and I did not want to believe that I would have to give it all up.

I had to and I had to start all over at the other side of the world. I fell pregnant twice while being on the pill. I laughed bitterly at what parasitic genes he had. Well guess what. I had his spawns aborted like no tomorrow. Both of them. Most time our sex life was unconsented, practically rape. I felt incredible satisfaction both times I aborted his kids. Abortion has SAVED MY LIFE, saved me from committing suicide or murder or both, losing all my money and the chance for a normal life. Thank you Marie Stopes Institutes. I owe you my new, peaceful, happy life. Scarred and shattered but I have moved on, I’m smiling, I’m working, I’m successful. With a parasitic psychopath by my side, I don’t want to imagine what family life I would have had.

Thank you abortion. You have saved my life – twice. You have made me stronger, I never knew I had so much strength and confidence and I could take my life in my hands.

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