This decision empowered me in so many ways

by April (Ontario)

I grew up in a very open and excepting family when it comes to getting pregnant. I always knew though that abortion would not be accepted so I chose not to share it with my parents. I did tell my younger sister who was extremely supportive and took very good care of me after the process. I found out I was six weeks pregnant two months before my 26th birthday. I had an abortion exactly one week ago. I was in a very unstable relationship that was practically falling apart. We had attempted to work on our relationship prior to finding out we were pregnant but after the news it all started to fall to pieces. I knew in those moments I would have an abortion. I was unemployed with no savings and did not want to bring a baby into a life of turmoil. I made an appointment then told my boyfriend I would have an abortion. Although he disagreed with my decision I knew having the baby would make life even harder. I would be stuck with my boyfriend in an unhealthy relationship I was trying desperately to leave.

The procedure was short and the staff at the clinic was amazing. They made the process so much easier for me. I met with a counselor, had an ultrasound and then was taken into a room for my surgical abortion. Although I felt a bit of pain it was a short procedure that saved me alot of months and years of heartache. Now I’m enrolling into a graduate program with hopes to become a social worker.

This decision empowered me in so many ways and practically changed my attitude and outlook on life. I’ve decided to turn my life around for the better. Although I’ve felt some sadness I have not felt regret. This was the right decision for this time in my life.

I think it’s normal to feel bits of sadness due to the hormonal changes. Don’t beat yourself up. Believe in yourself and your decision. It’s your life to live in whatever way you choose. This idea alone was very empowering to me. Looking forward to a great and meaningful future!

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