We all do it for different reasons, but it is our personal right

by Memphis (Texas)

Abortion saved my life. I have one son and have had two miscarriages and one abortion. I never thought I would have an abortion but I am pro-choice. When I found out I was pregnant in December 2011 it was a shock. See, we had tried for five years after having our son to get pregnant and it finally happened in may 2011 and ended in miscarriage in June. I immediately fell pregnant in July but miscarried in September. I was devastated so I decided 2 go on birth control. Well I got pregnant in December much to my surprise. Pregnant three times within seven months.

I was afraid but determined that this time was it! Well I immediately knew something was off because I got the flu. I couldn’t keep anything down. Not even water. I was always shaking and dizzy but I didn’t know why. I started to lose weight and I became so weak. I was so sick I couldn’t go to work and was so angry because I so miserable. I finally got well from the flu but I still couldn’t eat or drink anything. Nothing worked. I became dehydrated to the point where I didn’t even have saliva and the roof of my mouth was bleeding.

I tried to continue the pregnancy but I was attacked by the flu again. I had a fever and chills and the dehydration was getting worse. My blood pressure plummeted and I couldn’t even hold my head up! All I could do was lay in the bed, curled up n a ball crying.  I finally decided I had to terminate this pregnancy or I may die and not to mention I couldn’t take care of my son or be a good wife. At 9 weeks I made the hardest decision I ever had to.

When I went in to take the Mifeprex my blood pressure was 89/59. They almost refused but I begged for mercy from the misery and they consented.  The next morning at around 8 am I vaginally inserted the Misoprostol and within 45 minutes I could feel my period coming down. It was so fast and almost painless. It was just a dull cramping 4 about 1 1/2 hours and then I passed the pregnancy.

I felt instant relief. I had no nausea or chills or fever like so many of the stories I had read. For the first time in weeks I actually ate a real meal. I didn’t get nauseated, it didn’t come up, and I was able to drink fluids. I felt like a different person. Afterwards, I was sad because it seems like I will never be able to carry another baby to term like I did with my son, but I was happy I had the abortion because it was the right thing to do. I am healthy now and I passed the baby yesterday. No fatigue and no sickness and my blood pressure is back normal. Don’t let anyone make you feel abortion is wrong. We all may do it for different reasons, but it is our personal right. Abortion saved my life and I am thankful that I did it. And yes I’m a Christian and yes I believe in God and I know God understands my story.

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