What to Expect

by Stephanie (Australia)

I am writing this because before my abortion I looked online and found NO correct information about what to expect. I am not putting this up to make anyone angry or upset but to try and help someone who might want to know what they really need to expect.

I will start by telling you I am very happy and am in a fantastic relationship but we did not want to bring a child into the world when we couldn’t support it.

The morning of the abortion we got to the hospital early, I had had blood tests done before I went in so I went first and saw a doctor who gave me an ultrasound to see how far along I was. She then gave me panadol and a tablet that (if I remember correctly) softens the utiras and gets the process started. They told me to expect a little blood during this time.

I then went on and saw another doctor who spoke to me about my pill and changing to something else.

After about an hour I was told to go downstairs to the surgical waiting room where I had to go alone.

I went in and waited again before I was called into another doctors room where she asked me questions about my health and I took out my piercings and took off my makeup. I also got changed into one of those lovely hospital gowns.

They took me into another waiting room where there were 5 other girls (all there for the same thing) and one by one they all left for their operations.

They called me in after about half an hour and I was put onto a bed. Here they put a drip in my hand and gave me something to keep me calm. They wheeled me into the surgical suite and put me to sleep.

I woke up in the recovery room and the nurse tole me I was there for 45 minutes. After the time was up I was moved to a seat where they gave me toast and a cup of tea because I had been fasting all day and night.

The nurse then told me I was ready to get changed and took me into a bathroom where she checked the pad they put on me in surgery to check all was good. They then called my boyfriend who came a got me straight away.

Everyone was really nice.

It was a horrible day but I did not feel anything, woke up a bit sore but nothing horrible.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

I hope you understand that this post is up because I did not find any information that was accurate before my surgery.


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