When I’m good and ready, and not by accident

by ADayInThePark

Here’s my story… I hope it helps

I’m 21 and going to graduate in May from a great university. I found out I was pregnant about 4 weeks ago, and chose to have an abortion 2 weeks ago. I was 6 weeks along.

So I went to the clinic, saw the sonagram of the fetus. It looked like a tadpole. I decided to go through with the abortion.

The abortion itself involved a small needle through my arm to sedate me. I passed out, so I don’t remember the actual procedure, but when I woke up, the tadpole was gone and I could go back to life as usual. The only pain I had was in my arm from the needle and some occassional tummy cramps.

Now I feel a little guilty, but not because of my decision to abort. I have not told my mom or anyone else who knows me. I feel guilty for keeping secrets from them, but I’m not clinically depressed or anything.

Maybe with more emotional support, like from friends and family, this would be easier for me. But I stand by my decision. I’ll have a baby when I’m good and ready, and not by accident.

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