Written During a Pill Abortion

by The Weirdo (California)

For most women posting, it’s been a while since their abortion. I’m currently doing it now via pill.

I had started seeing a guy around two months and had unprotected sex once last month. After that we used protection (high school comes into mind when I get to this part; “It only takes once!”) but that day, I knew there was a high chance I would be pregnant. Just in case though, I kept track of the weeks, took a pregnancy test at my doctors office, and surprise! I’m pregnant. I’m at an early five weeks.

You may ask why am I posting this during the actual process, I probably won’t remember the pain since that’s what I do… I forget. I want others to know my story and the slight pain.

What I’m feeling right now is extreme cold (probably due to the anemia) and slight pain due to the cramping. A few hours after I took the first pill that stops the growth for the fetus, I felt very nauseous (one of the side effects of the pill). Now that I took the 4 remaining pills that is when the pain kicked in.

Only two people know that I’m doing this since most people I know are pro-life, including my family members. I’ve been pregnant before, but I kept her even against my ex’s objection.

Knowing now the pain and heartache I went through with her and him, I couldn’t put another life through that. The man I’m seeing now I’ve only known him for 2 months and he doesn’t know what I’m doing either.

I’ve made peace with what I’m doing for I feel it’s the right thing to do.

If no one understands me, I do apologize. It’s hard to type like this.

-My daughter is a healthy two year old terror. I’m not with the father anymore due to personal reasons, but I’m very happy and successful single mother.

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